This photography project focuses on places of passage, of use, which we do not consider “private”. Theaters, libraries, hospitals, hotels, universities, museums... Places where life goes on: passes from one generation to the next one.
The work aims to recreate an imaginary itinerary of a visitor who would find himself alone in these transit areas. The non-places, in the definition of Marc Augé, are so captured in all their capacity to communicate loneliness, absence. Pozzoli's work is thus a reflection / resonance on standardized architectures, functional areas, and transit use. Places of non-belonging and often consumption, left in the most unexpected silence, however, bear the traces of hundreds of people, becoming a metaphor for life transient, temporality.

In particular, the sites chosen are related to the history of Milan, they are meaningful and are relevant for his identity: symbols of Modernity, a deep and lively experimentation that had been very active from the 50s to the 70s. From the Teatro Manzoni to library Sormani and many more.

This project is first exhibited in 2010 at Galleria San Fedele in Milan under the title Memento Mori. Pozzoli creates an installation where the viewer is invited to discover the gallery space within the work.

Please see the Installation TIME OUT. Suspended Milan in Exhibitions