Invited to join the artist in residence Mongin Art Space in Seoul, South Korea, Susanna Pozzoli develops a research that enlightens the value of handicraft in a society dominated by the most futuristic technological progress. South-Korean society is characterized by this oxymora, a double nature which on one side is vowed to the dematerialization of ordinary life through the pervasive use of the different tecnettronical supports, and on the other is careful to preserving and valorizing the tradition merged into ancient rituals and crafts in which manpower has a key role. The artist’s work moves in this direction, within the work- shops of the craftsmen, who are Masters recognized by the State: work places where to find the sign, the object, the reality of a microcosms. A watermark tale, that doesn’t need anecdotes, because the story comes out from the evocative strength of the photographic look.
Daniele Astrologo Abadal, Art Historian and Curator

Pozzoli’s intent is to capture atmospheres in artisans’ everyday working life, getting close enough to photograph their essence. The images are not documenting the actions, the process of making a piece, but they want to create a metaphorical image, rich in symbols and well composed. The result is a combination of colors and lights, objects, details and traces that captures the work, evoking the time passed working, the passion and strength that the Masters need to achieve the goal of making beautiful and timeless objects.
Handmade Korean Way is composed of medium format film photographs, taken in 2010 in different provinces and towns in South Korea: Seoul, Daegu, Seongnam, Icheon, Mungyeong, Andong, Gyeonggi, Gyeongsang.

A limited edition of 50 copies artist's book including 10 plates was conceived by the author and self-published in 2012.