GIROTONDO (Ring-a-ring-a-roses)
Sound digital video, from original 8mm films and MidiDV, 06:43
With the contribution of: Francesca Valenti
Original sound track: Ctrl-alt-suppr, Paris. Kouzma Ignatenko (violin) Lucas Izaguirre (drums) Léonid Bredikhine (bass guitar)
Musical consultant: Giuseppe Catalano
Location: Chiavenna (SO), Italy
Vintage material: Pozzoli family archive
©Susanna Pozzoli, 2011

This project is made of Super8 films (family archive) and miniDV shooting taken by Pozzoli. The music is composed and plaid by Parisian group Ctrl-alt-suppr. Girotondo retraces the memories of a factory and a family. Memories and nostalgia come up when the main character explores the abandoned place, once centre of a busy activity involving both family members and workers. Super 8 films show a family and a society, in the years of the economical “Boom”, living a wealthy life in an harmonious family, based on solid values: honesty, work, religion. The story is set in Chiavenna a small town in the Italian Alps, once wealthy and prosperous thanks to the privileged relations to the Mittle Europa. The world here remembered is completely lost.

The video is presented as part of a more complex installation, PASSATO PROSSIMO at Fondazione Credito Valtellinese, Italy, in November 2011.