Color sound digital video, 16:9, 35:04
Post-production audio: Giuseppe Catalano

music: Trio, a composition by Nicolas Mondon, played by the ensemple L’imaginaire

Carnet de Composition is a multimedia project, conceived and realized by Susanna Pozzoli. Pozzoli follows the practice of the music composer Nicolas Mondon when he starts to write a new piece of music for a concert of a trio. Pozzoli makes a series of interviews and follows the composer thorough his work for more than a year. She assists from the first meetings and rehearsals whit the musicians up to the concert. Nicolas Mondon’s new piece titled Trio is played by the ensemble L’imaginaire on June 2016 in Strasbourg at Au Faubourg 12.

Pozzoli’s project is composed by interviews (extracts printed on the walls), music and voices recordings, photographs and videos. It is not a linear documentation of the process of writing but the narrative, Mondon’s work and thoughts, are used here as a canvas for the photographer’s introspective vision.
The viewer is invited to follow emotions and feelings more than facts. She/he can feel the time and efforts needed to achieve the creation of Nicolas Mondon’s piece of music.

In October 2017 the exhibition of Susanna Pozzoli’s project, Carnet de Composition, takes place in Strasbourg at Au Faubourg 12, the same place where Mondon’s Trio was played for the first time by L’imaginaire. The exhibition opening includes the live concert: in this way, the viewer can follow all the process and she/he can then (or even before) experience the pleasure of listening to the musicians giving the written music life. It is a circular experience: from the creative process of Nicolas Mondon, reinterpreted by Susanna Pozzoli, to the musicians’ interpretation of the piece.

Vernissage - concert : samedi 7 octobre 2017, 18 h
exhibition : 8 – 15 octobre Au Faubourg 12, 12 Rue du Fbg. de Pierre, 67000 Strasbourg, France



Ensemble L'imaginaire
Nicolas Mondon