THANK YOU for being so NUMEROUS last night celebrating Swiss surrealist artist Meret Oppenheim and my book on Casa Costanza Un'estate con Meret Oppenheim.

Many thanks to the speakers Lisa Wenger, Angela Madesani and to Alberto Cavalli for moderating the evening. Thanks to the Consul, Sabrina Dallafior, all the teams of the Consolato generale di Svizzera a Milano and Fondazione Cologni dei Mestieri d'Arte who organized this lovely event.

What a wonderful night!

After the institutional greeting by Consul General of Switzerland Sabrina Dallafior, two prominent curators participate in the presentation at the Swiss Center with the Author, Susanna Pozzoli: Lisa Wenger, nice of Meret Oppenheim, who for many years, has dedicated herself to the work of documenting and promoting Meret's body of work, collaborating on publications and exhibitions; Angela Madesani, art historian and independent curator, is the author of numerous publications dedicated to photography and the visual arts, curator of important exhibitions at Italian and foreign public and private institutions, she is professor of History of Photography at the IED in Milan. The dialogue was moderated by Alberto Cavalli, general director of Fondazione Cologni dei Mestieri d'Arte, executive director of Michelangelo Foundation, exhibition curator, journalist, lecturer and author of texts on the applied arts.

Susanna Pozzoli's book is a tribute by a contemporary photographer and author to this exceptional woman and artist, Meret Oppenheim, currently celebrated by the retrospective My Exhibition at MoMA New York. Through an interweaving of photographs and text, Susanna Pozzoli invites readers to discover Casa Costanza, Meret Oppenheim's total house-work of art, and its creator. At the evening of March 7, a screening of Susanna Pozzoli's photographs was accompanied by excerpts, read to the audience by Francesca Baccani, Valeria Ferrario and Ludovica Pellegatta.