Egidio Fiorin, director and founder of the limited edition artists’ books publisher Colophonarte, invites Susanna Pozzoli to his beautiful venue to exhibit a selection of her work. In the heart of Belluno, Pozzoli presents a selection of prints from two photographic projects one made in New York and the other realized in her hometown in the north of Italy, Chiavenna. Since the years of her education, Pozzoli has been alternating long periods abroad and other spent in the little town where her family still lives. The title “Histories of places. Back and forward” evokes this permanent mouvement from and to her origins.
The exhibition opening, on March 8 2018, is presented by Michela Fregona, writer and teacher specializes in Greek and Latin literatures, who proposes a deep and interesting analyzes on Pozzoli’s work.