Magnae Chartae exhibition in HOMO FABER 2022

An homage to paper crafting – its relevance, its diversity and the human hands integral to the creative processes.

Discover the beauty, creativity and cultural significance of paper craftsmanship

In a world increasingly dominated by technology and machines, the significance of paper is celebrated in this imaginative exhibition. A delicate and humble material, paper can nevertheless last for centuries and has deep meaning for human beings. As a blank canvas, it provides a creative outlet for writers, artists and creators who transform it into sophisticated artworks using simple tools or just the human hand. From intricate miniature paper cuttings to mesmerising sculptures made of thousands of strips of paper, this exhibition celebrates the diversity and versatility of paper, and the creativity, skill and imagination of those artisans who choose to work with it.  - Michele De Lucchi


Photographer Susanna Pozzoli is exhibiting a series of prints dedicated to the internationally rewarded Berlin-based papermaker GANGOLF ULBRICHT.

The giclée prints are made on the handmade paper by Sudio Berné, Milan. Roberto Milan experimented for the show how to get perfect results, while working on a non-industrial fiber paper.