COMING SOON Un'estate con Meret Oppenheim BOOK!

Susanna Pozzoli, Un'estate con Meret Oppenheim

Collana Giovani Artisti alla soglia del Nuovo Millennio

VAF Stiftung, Manfredi Edizioni, Imola, 2021



In Autumn 2021 VAF Stiftung foundation is starting a new book series dedicated to contemporary Italian artists,

published by Manfredi Edizioni in Imola (Bologna), Italy. The book will be in Italian with English and French translations.


This book is the final accomplishment of a long lasting project, started by Susanna Pozzoli years ago. In 2019 thirty photographs 

have been presented in the finalists' exhibition and catalogue of the 8th edition of Premio Fondazione VAF.

The artists's works have been exhibited in MART museum in Rovereto (Italy) and at the Stadtgalerie in Kiel (Germany).

On that occasion, Collezione VAF Stiftung acquired fifteen prints to join the permanent collection dedicated to Italian Artists.


Pozzoli's project on Casa Costanza, Meret Oppenheim's family house in Carona (Lugano), Switzerland, has been

selected to start the book collection titled Young Artists on the threshold of the New Millennium. The book will be printed this Fall by Manfredi Edizioni.


Pozzoli presents a selection of her photographs of the family house Casa Costanza, which the Surrealist artist Meret Oppenheim,

turned into a total work of art, restoring and arranging it in 1967-68. The book includes a long fragmented text,

composed by interviews with guests and friends of the artist, her niece and nephew and Meret Oppenheim's sister in law,

who is presently living in the house at the age of 100 years.

The architect Aurelio Galfetti, at young age, worked with Meret Oppenheim to create her dreamed house and in his interview

shares his view of the charismatic presence and unique character of Oppenheim.


introduction: Volker W. Feierabend (VAF Stiftung) talks with the Artist Susanna Pozzoli

Critical essay: PHD Barbara Stehle, art historian and curator

Interviews with:
Jacqueline Burckhardt
Bice Curiger
Aurelio Galfetti
Birgit Wenger, Lisa Wenger, Michael Wenger

More info:
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