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Renata Casartelli is the director of the International Lace Biennial in Cantù. In the association that she leads, she perpetuates a very well know tradition of lace making in the city of Cantu’, Italy. Her lace-makers come from different backgrounds and enjoy the pleasure of working together, creating peaces that are linked to the tradition but that are suitable for our times.

In today’s world - a hectic, restless, unsettled world - technology plays a leading role. However, there are still women who make bobbin lace following the traditional technique they were taught, and yet they are able to find extremely modern applications for their works. Even today, and possibly more now than ever before, women seek spaces of their own, private spaces where they can express themselves and find sensitivity, refinement and sensuality.
Renata Casartelli, p.p. Lace Promotion Committee

Photographs in this gallery are made by Sanna Pozzoli/copyright Michelangelo Foundation