Magali Satgé is a ceramist living and working in Paris.
Her approach is wide, including every possible angle of use of clay, her favorite raw material that she has been exploring and studying for many years.

She makes complexes pieces organized by series and she teaches ceramic.
With her innovative approach, she conceives specific workshops for museums, schools and hospitals. She attentively creates the good conditions for a profitable participation of all students. She conceives the making time, the co-creation as a stimulus for a shared well-being, helping the development of a community link. She works with a wide public, sometimes with specific difficulties as well.
The ceramic pieces resulting from her workshops present outstanding aesthetic qualities. They result from Magali's capacity to coordinate and direct a collectif art experience with a clear purpose in mind.

On assignment, I photographed her collectif works created over many years and I documented one of her workshops.

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