author: Susanna Pozzoli
title: Venetian Way
publisher: Marsilio Editori
A project realized thanks to Michelangelo Foundation for creativity and craftsmanshipin collaboration with Fondazione Cologni Dei Mestieri d'Arte
introduction by: Franco Cologni -  Fondazione Cologni
texts by: Federica Muzzarelli, Toto Bergamo Rossi - Venetian Heritage
Editing and layout: Maria Giulia Montessori
Révision: Alessandra de Nitto
Translation: Christopher Huw Evans
size: 24 x 24 cm
pages: 176
Sewn Binding, Hard Cover
languages: Italian and English
EU ISBN: 978 - 88 -297 -1173 - 4
printed by Grafiche Antiga, Crocetta del Montello, Italy, October 2021

21 Crafts
Tessitura Luigi Bevilacqua
Ceramiche Artistiche 3B
Giampaolo Babetto
Mario Berta Battiloro
Fallani Venezia
Bruno Barbon Antiques
La Bottega dei Mascareri
Este Ceramiche e Porcellane
Fornace Orsoni
Nicolao Atelier
Squero Domenico Tramontin e figli
Lucia Costantini
Tipoteca Italiana
Maglificio Miles
Andrea Zilio
Fonderia Artistica Valese

VENETIAN WAY book is composed of photographs and texts that show twenty-one examples of the excellence of Venetian craftsmanship giving an intimate and unusual look, far from documentation and magazine reportage. A heritage of images of artisans and their unique worlds, this volume is also an extraordinary tribute to the lagoon city.

Susanna Pozzoli is a complete author, having worked both as a photographer and as an author of the texts, which are accounts of her experiences, of her discovery of these workshops and of this region. A note from the Michelangelo Foundation and a preface by Franco Cologni open the publication. An introductory text by Toto Bergamo Rossi, director of the Venetian Heritage Foundation, highlights the value of living heritage that these craftsmen and women embody for Venice and the Veneto region. The art historian Federica Muzzarelli presents in her text the artistic value of Susanna Pozzoli's photographic technique.

In 2010 a residence for artists took me to South Korea,
where I took a plunge into the rich world of the country’s
artisans, focusing my lens on the places in which they
work rather than the things they make. Since then my
interest in the arts and crafts has only grown.
Homo Faber has given me the opportunity to immerse
myself once again in the unique beauty of craft
workshops, this time in what was once the Repubblica
Serenissima. I left Paris with my Hasselblad and
Rolleiflex cameras for Venice, where I made my base and
experienced a long period of enchantment, approaching
the crafts, learning how they functioned before starting to
photograph them and getting in tune with the times and
phases of the work and the raw materials. I went back to
the workshops often, and in the process of photographing
them respected the reality of the location without altering
the situation, simply presenting it as it was through the
marvellous power of photography.
The experience of life and the richness of the encounters
arising from this project, which took me two years of
work, are the essence of this book, which both describes
and invites the reader to imagine what is not revealed.
Every place photographed and every artisan has a
special magic of their own. Venetian Way allows readers
to enter into these different worlds with me, offering them
the illusion of actually being present in the workshop and
admiring, in a moment of suspension, the discreet and
precious beauty to be found in these places.


The volume comprises a selection from Susanna Pozzoli’s project of medium-format photographs taken on colour film in Venice and the Veneto in 2017-18 for the exhibition Venetian Way curated by Denis Curti and Susanna Pozzoli and staged at Homo Faber. The 141 Giclée prints on baryta paper presented in the exhibition were produced by Studio Berné.

Susanna Pozzoli thank all the master craftsmen and women who have made this book possible by generously opening up the doors of their workshops, ateliers and enterprises, custodians of beauty and treasure chests of know-how. Thanks to the Fondazione Giorgio Cini, the extraordinary setting for the photographic exhibition Venetian Way, staged at the first edition of Homo Faber: Crafting a more human future, San Giorgio Maggiore island, Venice, September 2018.