This volume, conceived by Graziella Pasquinucci, owner of Idea Books publishing house, is a collection of 35 portraits that describe the variety and excellence of Italian craftsmanship and expertise.
The stories are narrated with great sensitivity by Alessandra de Nitto, editorial director of the Fondazione Cologni. Through beautiful images and texts, the reader is transported into a world where artisanal talent, tradition, creativity and passion reach the highest levels of excellence.
The book has been premiered in Venice on September 21st during HOMO FABER Crafting a more human future exhibition, on the Island of San Giorgio maggiore, dedicated to the European excellence in arts and crafts, curated by Michelangelo Foundation for Creativity and Craftsmanship, in collaboration with the Cologni dei Mestieri d’Arte Foundation. In November 2018 Poldi Pezzoli Museum presented the Italian edition in Milan.

2 editions:
Publisher: Idea Books (25 settembre 2018)
Size 24,5 X 31 cm pages: 272
Italian editiong: LA FORMA DELLA BELLEZZA ISBN-10: 8888033645 ISBN-13: 978-8888033648
English: ITALIAN MASTERS OF BEAUTY ISBN 978 88 88033 97 6