author: Susanna Pozzoli
title: HANDMADE. Korean Way
edition: artist’s book
with the kind support of: Fondazione Cologni dei Mestieri d’Arte, Milano
contribution of: Con-Temporary Art Gallery Paola Sosio, Milano
photographs: Susanna Pozzoli
book design: Fumitaka Kudo, Ayumi Kudo, Susanna Pozzoli
handmade Asian binding: Fumitaka Kudo
plates prints: Studio Berné
edition: 50 signed and number pieces + 3 ap
sizes: 31 x 21 cm
pages: 12
plates: 10
material: cover- Plexiglas, rubber band; book – 100% paper; white cotton thread

The artist book is entirely handmade and is composed of ten photographs printed in gyclée process on Hahnemuhle Fine Art 100% cotton paper. The prints are then placed, one by one, in transparent paper sheets. This paper, bound in the oriental manner, composes the pages of the prestigious book.
Lightness, balance and originality are the base for this editorial project, conceived from the photographs of the Masters Craftsmen's ateliers. The book is characterized by the quality of the materials used, and the Fine Art printing technique. Its exclusive design allows taking out every to observe it in details, and to let the reader change the order of the sequence. The edition is limited to 50 copies, numbered and signed by the artist and presented in a double envelope expressively designed and produced with Japanese artists Ayumi and Fumitaka Kudo.

See the project: HANDMADE. Korean Way