Colophonarte, founded and directed by Egidio Fiorin, has been publishing limited edition artists’ books for more than 30 years. Fiorin invites a writer to collaborate with a visual artist so that each book is a dialogue between words and images or signs. The list of relevant Italian artists who published with Colophonarte is very long and includes Baj, Castellani, De Maria, Dorfles, Fontana, IsgroÌ€, Kounellis, Nespolo, Paladino, Sanesi.

Colophonarte also publishes a magazine of the same name, with interviews, essays and limited edition artists’ small works. Many important art historians, writers and visual artists participated to the success of Colophonarte.

I was invited to propose a “self-portraits” in words for the December issue 2017. I followed an Italian recipe to describe my life as if it was a dish.

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