Associazione Dimore Storiche annual book, Umberto Allemandi & C.
author: Associazione Dimore Storiche
title: 12 PORTALI
project by: Marina Desideri
photographs: Susanna Pozzoli
coordination: Giada Lepri, Lucia Calabrese
iconography: Filippo Massimo Lancelotti
publisher: Umberto Allemandi & C.
language: Italian
size: 25h x29 cm
pages: 60
plates: 24
cover: hard
EU ISBN: 9788842222781
printed: Turin, September 2014

In 2014 ADSI Associazione Dimore Storiche Italiane, started with Allemandi & C. publishing house a series of publications titled “12”. Every year a book promotes a series of details related to the world of ADSI patrimony. In 2014 Susanna Pozzoli realized a series of photographs of 12 astonishing gates in 12 Italian regions. The book was published by Allemandi & C. before Christmas.